Damage To Metropole Hotel Causes Continued Tram Cancellations

The cancellation of trams between North Pier and Fleetwood due to unsafe buildings on Blackpool Promenade continues. A Blackpool Council Spokesperson said that workers examining the wind-blasted building on the corner of Springfield Road (see photograph below)  have spotted problems with the Metropole Hotel opposite. The Blackpool Gazette have said that the problem is thought to involve the structure’s roof.

Blackpool Transport have said that they will run a tram replacement bus service between Pleasant Street to Fleetwood which will run as closely to the tramway as possible. The replacement service will run every 30-minutes and is in addition to the Service 1, which also runs every 30-minutes. If you are travelling Northbound from Starr Gate towards Blackpool Town Centre, trams will terminate at the Tower.

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