Escaped Blackpool Zoo Pelican May Be Heading Towards St Anne’s

An escaped Blackpool Zoo pelican is thought to be heading towards South Shore and St. Anne’s after taking to the air when it was scared by a flock of gulls.

Blackpool Zoo said the 14-week-old fledgling flew on to the flamingo house on Friday afternoon after being startled by the squawking birds.

The pelican was then taken on a gust of wind and keepers lost sight of it at about 16:00 BST as it headed towards South Shore.

The Zoo described the bird as being brown-feathered, about 4ft (1.2m) tall with a 5ft (1.5m) wingspan

Anyone who spots it should contact the zoo  on 07799226908. as keepers were following up all sightings and continuing their searches.

‘We remain hopeful that it will be found,’ a spokesperson said, adding that pelicans were ‘beautiful, docile creatures”‘ and there was no threat to the public, but anyone who spots it should not approach it.

They explained that the zoo had ‘housed this magnificent species for many years’ and had the only collection that had ‘successfully bred… which makes the youngster very special’.

‘This is the first time we have had an incident like this, which was down to the ever-growing problems we, and the town, continue to have with seagulls,’ they said.

It is understood the bird is unable to feed itself, so it is imperative it is found as soon as possible. Sightings have been reported along Lytham estuary


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