Four Youths Arrested in Kirkham Following Disturbing Assault on Child

Lancashire Police, supported by the Rural Task Force, have responded to an assault incident in Kirkham, by arresting four juveniles.

Following the report of the assault, which was recorded on a mobile phone, Lancashire Police arrested four youths in connection with the incident. Police have taken possession of the footage recorded on the phone and are strongly advising against its circulation. The juveniles have been released on bail with conditions pending further investigation

A Police Spokesperson said, ‘You might be aware of a recent incident which has taken place over the weekend in Kirkham. This was a particularly upsetting and unprovoked assault on a child by a group of juveniles.

This was reported to the Police and the Rural Task Force have assisted the Kirkham NHP team to take swift, positive action. We can report that 4 juveniles have been arrested and have been released on bail with conditions whilst the investigation continues.

This behaviour will not be tolerated and robust policing methods will be used to tackle criminality and ASB issues. We are aware that this incident has been recorded on mobile phone footage. We are in possession of this and we would urge you not to circulate said footage in order to safeguard the parties involved.’

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