Fylde Coast Rogue Roofer Jailed For Four Years Three Months

A rogue roofer based on the Fylde coast has been jailed for four years and three months after he pleaded guilty to carrying out a fraudulent business. Thirty-four-year-old Stewart Langton was also handed a 10-year criminal behaviour order, banning him from working on people’s homes. A proceeds of crime hearing will also take place in October 2024 in connection with Langton’s fraudulent business dealings.

Preston Crown Court heard that between 2022 and 2024, the rogue trader Langton of Whalley Lane, Blackpool used a number of business names to confuse customers as to who they were dealing with. During those years Langton traded under many different business names, including SJ Contractors, Northwest Roofing, SJL Roofing and Home Maintenance, Blackpool Roofing Services, Preston Roofing, Preston Roofcare and Preston Roof Repairs.

Examples of Langton’s scam was shared with the Court. One elderly woman was quoted £2,000 for new facias and guttering. But the job escalated and over five days she handed Langton over £26,000 before refusing to pay any more. The Court heard that the woman, in her 80s, was left with a partially tiled roof with sheeting covering large parts of it and numerous leaks causing damage within her home.

Another woman was quoted £400 to fix a leak at her home. But on starting, Langton then claimed extra work was needed which would cost her £8,000. The money was paid, but once again the job was never finished.

Trading standards shared many other examples of Langton’s shoddy, unfinished work whereby homeowners were conned out of more than £200,00 and were left with exposed roofs, overflowing gutters and damaged gardens.

The prosecution told the Court, ‘The complaints identified a pattern whereby small quotes were initially being given by Langton, usually for a leak or small guttering repairs. Then within a very short period of time of work starting, typically the first day and even within the first hour of the workers arriving, Langton would escalate the work needed to a much bigger, and much more expensive job.

The consumers would then be faced with the prospect of either agreeing to this extra work and having to pay further large amounts of money, or being left with an exposed roof, typically with the threat of the workers walking off the job if they wouldn’t immediately agree and pay the extra money demanded.’

Although Langton was jailed, his customers have been left suffering financial difficulties, anxiety and stress as a result of the damage he caused.

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