Next Week Is Mental Health Awareness Week – British Garden Centres Share The Top Plants To Enhance Your Wellbeing

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week (13 May 2024 – 19 May 2024) and British Garden Centres, with its local centre located on Common Edge Road, have put together its top six plants that can make a positive impact on your well-being. While flowers and plants add beauty and wildlife to your home and garden, they also offer much more. Recent studies reveal that certain flowers and plants can significantly improve health and well-being and provide an instant lift in your mood

According to a survey conducted for Mental Health Awareness Week last year, almost half of people in the UK (49%) have experienced anxiety in the past five years. But did you know that certain plants and flowers can play a crucial role in boosting mood, reducing stress, and improving productivity?

Here are British Garden Centres top plants and flowers for mental health:

Chrysanthemums: Known for their soothing properties, chrysanthemums can ease symptoms of stress and anxiety, offering a sense of calm and relaxation, and elevating the mind with its cheerful colours. Chrysanthemum tea also provides a calming effect as when drunk, the flower cools and relieves our bodies, making our mood better.

Geraniums: The cheerful red, white, and pink flowers of geraniums are believed to promote peace of mind and calm. They also produce a pleasant aroma like roses, making them a popular choice for aromatherapy and helping to alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension in the body.

Snake Plants: Often referred to as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, snake plants filter harmful chemicals from the air and increase oxygen production at night, promoting better sleep and productivity.  It also boosts concentration because its smell is said to relieve anxiety and can help those who suffer from headaches and breathing problems top.

Lavender: Lavender’s striking purple hue and calming scent is known to aid sleep and alleviate anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. Sleep plays an essential role in our mental well-being and lavender is a common aid to help with calming the nervous system and reducing tension.

Jasmine: Jasmine’s beautiful white petals not only stun in the garden but also help ease anxiety and promote better sleep. The smell of jasmine can have a positive impact on mental health by inducing feelings of contentment and tranquillity, whilst jasmine oil in aromatherapy helps to alleviate symptoms of depression and enhances mood.

Peace Lilies: Peace lilies are popular houseplants believed to help maintain a healthy work-life balance while neutralising harmful indoor chemicals and purifying the air around us. However, they should be kept away from pets as they are poisonous to cats and dogs.

Lytham St. Anne’s News readers are cordially invited to visit our local British Garden Centre at Lytham St Anne’s Garden Centre on Common Edge Road for more information on how to incorporate these wonderful plants into your home and garden.

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