Fylde Council Covid Marshals to inspect Lytham Shops for Breaching Tier 4 Restrictions

Reports that Covid Marshals have been sent to inspect shops in Lytham St Annes today. As Lancashire has been plunged into Tier 4, non-essential shops have been ordered to close their doors until the government deem it safe to put us back into Tier 3 (or above), however Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that the new restrictions could last several months.

It has been reported that some shops have been breaching the new rules by pretending to be click-and-collect whilst actually letting people in.

What are the rules for non-essential shops?

The rules in Tier 4 for non-essential shops state that they may ONLY provide click-and-collect and delivery services. Click-and-collect MUST be pre-ordered online or over the phone and collected OFF the premises. During lockdown, shops opened and placed a table in front of the door where a member of staff would greet click-and-collect customers and retrieve their pre-ordered items.

Despite the clear rules set out by the government, some local shops have reportedly breached the rules and continued to stay secretly open, allowing customers on the premises.

Covid Marshals from Fylde Council will be checking shops in Lytham today, whilst marshals from Wyre Council will be checking Poulton-le-Fylde.

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