Fylde Council Say, ‘Please Don’t Sweep Leaves Into The Streets’

Fylde Council’s waste team are currently very busy clearing leaves from the streets and roads across the Borough. 🍂

However, the Council say they have not only a limited number of sweepers but also a limited number of  staff available for clearing leaves by hand. The main priorities for the teams are high footfall places such as High Streets & Schools.

Therefore, the Council courteously asks, ‘Please don’t sweep leaves into the streets, as this makes things a lot more difficult for our stretched staff; please use your green bins. Thank you!’ 🐝

Being pro-active and helpful, some residents already clear leaves from the front of their homes and businesses. Malcolm Glen-Bott says, ‘Perhaps we should all get out and sweep the leaves from our own street frontage, and let the Council save the money for the important things like social care.’ Jeanette Tropic agrees, ‘Always do mine front and back. A brush does not cost much and only takes a few minutes.’

However, with the recent heavy rainfall, in some areas the leaves are blocking the drains. Jayne Barr comments, ‘Thank you Fylde Council, it is much needed. The drains are blocked with leaves so flooding is occurring on many main roads.’ 🍂

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