The Mayfield In St. Anne’s Is Saved From Demolition After Hundreds Mount Opposition

There’s good news the regulars at The Mayfield pub in St Anne’s as it has been announced that the popular venae will not be demolished to make way for a proposed development of two houses and two apartments. Despite the threat of closure hanging over the pub, the venue has remained open not only with regular live music, quizzes, bingo, karaoke and televised sport but also The Mayfield has continued to be the valued home of multiple sports teams. A recent petition against the demolition and proposed residential development was signed by more than 250 people.

Fylde Borough Council’s Planning Committee’s decision came after they were strongly recommended to reject the application. A report prepared for the Committee said: ‘The application is not accompanied by any details concerning the marketing of the premises nor any evidence that its existing use is no longer viable in terms of the building age and format. Critically, the submission does not include any financial information or record of accounts to evidence that the current use of the building is not commercially viable. Moreover, as the pub continues to trade and is not vacant, it must be assumed that it is a viable going concern.

Numerous neighbour letters have been received objecting to the proposal and identifying that the pub provides an important community hub hosting a variety of events to different sections of the community. The loss of the premises would have a detrimental impact to the community, no evidence has been presented to identify where such facilities could be relocated elsewhere in a location that is as equally accessible as the Mayfield.’

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