Fylde MP Mark Menzies Enthusiastically Celebrates The Arrival Of UKs New Prime Minister

Mark Menzies can be seen to the left in the photograph along with many Tory MPs enthusiastically welcoming the UKs new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. The Fylde MP said, ‘Rishi Sunak will now become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I have supported Rishi in this leadership contest, as I did in the previous election. I know he has an enormous amount to offer our country.

Rishi and I have a shared vision, to deliver economic stability, to support families and businesses during these difficult times and to drive investment in our local communities, building on the Government’s pledge to levelling up across the country. Having guided us through the economic challenges of the pandemic he is uniquely placed to lead us through the challenges which lie ahead.

The priority now is stability. We must be ready to put aside our differences and unite behind the Prime Minister.

I look forward to working with Rishi, as I have in recent years, in the coming months to address the issues important to people in Fylde, whether that be rising energy bills, supporting high tech manufacturing and our nuclear industry or delivering transport infrastructure investment.’

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