Fylde Police Issue Tickets To Drivers For Excess Speed Through Elswick & Treales

PC Jan and PC Sarah, both Fylde Neighbourhood Officers, were busy this week in Elswick and Treales, conducting speed enforcement (see featured photographs).

Several tickets were issued by the Police Constables to drivers for excess speed. As a consequence, some drivers will be now be eligible for a speed awareness course, whilst others may be issued with points on their driving license.

A Police Spokesperson said, ‘We know through Lancashire Talking surveys that Road Safety is one of your top priorities. If you have a speed concern in your area, please report it via the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership website:

Some residents were pleased to see the speed enforcement, one saying ‘At last speed checks in Treales Village. Some motorists don’t slow down as they approach the village and carry on through the village that only has one footpath, in dire need of repair, with no regards for walkers, cyclist, residents and oncoming traffic. In my opinion the speed limit should drop down to 30mph on approach to all villages, then 20mph whilst driving through the village. More spot checks please.’

However, others were less pleased, one saying, ‘Pity you can’t go out and catch the real criminals, instead you always go after the motorist!’

Lancashire Police were also seen out in Poulton (photograph below). A Spokesperson said, ‘A total of 96 vehicles were checked on roads and 22 of those vehicles were found in contravention of the speed limit. This means approximately 1-in-5 were found to be above the speed limit, which is 20 mph.’

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