Green initiative on St Anne’s beach!!

“Use and return” scheme.

Litter, discarded beach toys and lost property are part and parcel of the issues faces by the teams of litter picking volunteers that strive to clean up and maintain our local beaches. Many day trippers will not want to take beach toys home, some get literally buried in the sand, but Fylde Council have implemented a scheme adopted by other seaside resorts.

“Fylde Borough Council have created three (toy) boxes have been placed on the beach in St Anne’s. The boxes are used as receptacles for disguarded buckets, spades and other plastic beach toys to be enjoyed by others. Many of these items are collected by the litter picking groups who collect rubbish on the beach and sand hills. This project will also assist in the council’s drive to reduce the use of plastics. Photo attached of one of the boxes – signage is arriving this week.”

Hopefully this will encourage people to ‘recycle’ toys only used for the day, and give others a chance to use them, and encourage using litter bins as well.

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