Grieving Father Swan Cares For Growing Cygnets Following Mother’s Sad Death

Chloe and Paul from Brambles Wildlife Rescue were truly pleased to spot Boris the Swan looking after the growing baby swans after the tragic death of their Mother Doris following an attack by a dog.

Boris and the cygnets came off the island on the lake at Stanley Park to eat and were photographed by the two Bramblers.

Brambles are watching out for Boris and the cygnets as swans can die of a broken heart when their partner dies. Following the death of Doris, Boris had taken himself off to the island at the hospital end of the reserve part of the lake with the babies. Brambles believe he has gone there to grieve for Doris.

Any sightings of Boris and the cygnets may be shared with Brambles Wildlife Rescue. Their email is

The original Lytham St. Anne’s News article about the tragic death of Doris The Mother Swan may be found here:

Pictured below are Doris and Boris with their cygnets before the dog attack at Stanley Park.

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