Hackney Cab Driver To Make Complaint To Independent Police Complaints Commission

The Taxi Driver named as Adam has reportedly issued a statement today (Monday 25th March) following the Blackpool Police decision to drop matters connected with the alleged assault.

In this reported statement Adam says: ‘ Sorry I’ve tried to stay away from all of this but I need to speak up at this point.

I had a conversation this morning with the police, which was very much directed at dropping matters.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people get into cabs and getting forensic evidence which is useful is nigh impossible.

It was very much pressured upon me that the cab – rented and not my own – would need to be held for a significant period of time if I didn’t agree to certain things like dropping the investigations as I also couldn’t help any further.

The taxi is not mine and two other drivers derive an income for it. To have it held wouldn’t be fair, and as I say was under a lot of pressure to agree.

I was actually expressly assured that this wasn’t in their mindset and they wouldn’t be making any kind of statement like this. Fortunately, my prior experience with Lancashire Police prompted this conversation to be recorded.

I stand by the little I’ve been able to piece together, and this afternoon will be making a complaint to the IPCC.’

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