Hike In Council Tax Bills For Lytham St. Anne’s Residents

Lytham St. Anne’s residents will see a 3.99% hike in their Council Tax bills, following Lancashire County Council setting their budget for 2021/2022. The table below shows the increase and shares what you will pay as a consequence of the 3.99% rise in each Council Tax property band. (Note that the figures below exclude the smaller amounts taken by district and parish councils, the police and fire service.)

  • BAND A – up £37.24 to £970.79
  • BAND B – up £43.45 to £1,132.59
  • BAND C – up £49.66 to £1,294.39
  • BAND D – up £55.87 to £1,456.19
  • BAND E – up £68.29 to £1,779.79
  • BAND F – up £80.71 to £2,103.39
  • BAND G – up £93.11 to £2,426.98
  • BAND H – up £111.74 to £2,912.3

This 3.99% rise is below the increase recommended by Lancashire County Hall Finance Officers, who had commended to members a full 4.99% increase, the maximum allowed without a local referendum.  This 4.99% recommended increase included a 3% rise ring-fenced for adult social care. However, the ruling Conservative group put forward an amendment to levy only a 2% rise to cover social care costs, along with a 1.99% general increase.  This accepted amendment therefore increases Council Tax bills in Lytham St. Anne’s for 2021/2022 by  the 3.99% shown in the table above.

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