In the Darkness Of Night, Lytham’s HM Coastguard Volunteers Practice Their Skills

The volunteers from HM Coastguard Lytham joined with friends and colleagues from HM Coastguard Fleetwood and Knott-End Coastguard Rescue Team for a special training session in the dark late on Thursday evening (222nd February).

The volunteers focused on their knowledge, skills and understanding of LAMPS (Lost And Missing Persons Search) techniques. They have specialised techniques that are used by all the emergency services in order to quickly and effectively search for people who are missing in all terrains, and to then rescue, recover and administer any required immediate care.

On this occasion the volunteers applied these techniques in the dark, which adds a whole new dimension of challenge. Many of the teams real searches occur at night so it is important they keep their practice and skills up.

Lytham St. Anne’s News extends its sincere gratitude to  these volunteers for their dedication in rescuing and keeping people safe along our coastline.


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