Interactive Map Shows There Are No Water Quality Concerns Today On Fylde Beaches

The Mail On Line today (Wednesday 17th August) shared an article ‘Summer Of Sewage on Britain’s Beaches’ by Elizabeth Haig.

The article states that, according to data gathered by environmental campaign group Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), there has been storm sewage discharge into the waters at beaches in Cornwall, Devon, Sussex, Essex, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland and Cumbria. The article says that the sewage-polluted water can contain serious bugs and illnesses which are a danger to humans and animals and states that holidaymakers are being urged to avoid more than 50 dangerously-polluted beaches across England and Wales due to huge amounts of raw sewage being pumped into the sea by water companies.  However, by using the interactive map at, today (Wednesday 17th August) there are no water quality alerts in place along the Fylde coast.  By accessing the interactive map residents and visitors may easily check local water quality.

This article in The Mail On Line comes after the Daily Express last Friday (12th August) gave a most negative viewpoint in their feature on Britain’s beaches. Their report featured research by –  which analysed the total count of E. Coli detected in the seawater over the past two years along 425 beaches – and provided the headline that the dirtiest beach in the UK is St. Anne’s Beach with a E.coli score of 4,338.  Treyarnon Bay in Cornwall, on the other hand, is Britain’s cleanest beach out of the 425 analysed, having just an E. Coli count of 50, the lowest level.

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