Liggard Brook No Longer A Haven For Wildlife – Except For Mosquitos Buzzing In The Sewage Stench

Councillor Mark Bamforth, who is also well known as the Sub-Postmaster at Warton Street Post Office for the last 24 years, remembers Liggard Brook from his childhood – when there were rope swings over the Brook and a wealth of wildlife including sticklebacks, eels, ducks and water voles. The state of the Brook paints a very different picture today with very little wildlife except mosquitoes buzzing about in the sewage stench.

Mark says ‘I get fed up with people in authority not taking any responsibility for the state of this watercourse.

Since United Utilities buried their storm holding tank under the playing fields at Park View, we have had nothing but bother, it’s flooded the area of the park twice to my knowledge. The water is contaminated as it contains raw sewage, so the area is out of use for a few weeks.

The Brook was always clean as I was a kid, we had rope swings over the Brook. Plenty of wildlife etc, sticklebacks, eels, ducks, water voles, very little wildlife now, I believe the oxygen level is down to 8%.

I’ve had continuous complaints regarding the stench and mosquitoes over the years, which I’ve reported to Fylde Council, Environment Agency and United Utilities, and not one of them is addressing the issue. It’s no good burying your heads in the sand, the problem is not going away, if anything it goes worse each year.

I’ve just telephoned United Utilities and voiced my disgust with the lack of action and response. I’ve asked if they can treat the water and the area to prevent mosquitoes breeding, as the conditions are ideal for those types to breed.’

The reply from United Utilities says:

‘Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve made our teams aware of this work and one of our engineers will be coming to investigate soon.

In case you’d like to get back in touch, your reference number is: 04571515. It’s really important that you and our employees stay safe. If there are any hazards or open excavations that we need to be aware of before we attend, then please do let our teams know when we call. Our teams are specially trained to lift and look after equipment and machinery so please don’t try to do this yourself before we arrive on site.’

Mark adds, ‘Any residents wanting to support my phone call, please don’t hesitate to call:              0800 072 6765 and quote 04571515.’

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