St. Anne’s Bar Wars

Kye Kershaw, owner of the first-rate Hop Shop on Wood Street, has been truly dismayed and troubled by a venue owner in St Anne’s who thinks it’s appropriate not only to bad mouth all the other owners of similar establishments to the one that ‘they’ own, but to also advise holiday makers to avoid the other venues!

Kye says, ‘We’ve been playing nice for months now and biting our tongue because it’s the ‘professional’ thing to do but enough is enough!

There’s a certain venue owner in our little town who thinks it’s appropriate to not only bad mouth all the other owners of similar establishments to the one that ‘they’ own, but to also advise holiday makers to avoid the other venues! Tonight, in our opinion the line has been crossed!

We had a lovely couple stop by tonight who were visiting St Anne’s from Manchester (see below), they had just left ‘said venue’ as they had decided to close early.

As they were leaving they asked the owner what other venues were nearby where they could go grab a drink – they were (in a nutshell) told not to go to any of the other local venues which were still trading because they’re all shit!

This included ourselves, Fifteens St Anne’s and The Pier Inn.

As a small independent business working our butt’s off not only to aid the success of our little town but to also provide for our families, we think this is completely inappropriate and unforgiving.

We ourselves have even gone out of our way to help promote the venue in question although we knew that this slander has been going on for some time now

We know that the more successful businesses there are in our town, the more vibrant St Anne’s will become but sadly it seems that some are too short sighted to share our view.

You should be ashamed of yourself!’

The Pier Inn shared their support for Kye by saying, ‘It is shocking that certain venues are not in support of other places. As you say, such short-sightedness will cause damage to themselves. I have sent countless people to other venues when asked similar, and I’m proud to do so.’

Another message of support said, ‘Sad to read this. St.Anne’s has some top class restaurants, bars, and hotels. At Minters we go out of our way to support local businesses and will continue to do so. Your venue is highly regarded, in and out of St. Anne’s. You should be proud of your achievement, and contribution to the town.’

There has also been further backing for Kye’s statement from customers. One commentator said, ‘We all know who it is, and quite frankly we never bother going into his bar as it’s got no atmosphere, the food it way too expensive and the staff aren’t as friendly as they make themselves out to be online. We’d rather sit on a bench in the street outside!’

The Hop Shoppe is an eco-friendly bottle shop and bar in St Anne’s offering an extensive range of carefully selected quality craft and artisan products sourced from independent breweries and distilleries across the UK.

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