Local Youths With Fake IDs Used To Buy Alcohol Are Stopped By Police

In response to recent incidents of anti-social behaviour at Lytham Green, the Windmill and surrounding areas, several youths were stopped by local police patrols during the weekend. It was found that these youths were in possession of fake ID’s, which Police were informed had been purchased via an account on Snapchat. Police believe that this account is charging £25.00 to create these ID’s, which are then being used in the local shops to buy alcohol.

Police are asking parents to speak with their children with regards to this matter. It is a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to buy alcohol. The maximum penalty is a £5000 fine and 10 years imprisonment. Shops that sell alcohol to underage persons using fake IDs can also receive large fines and in some cases be shut down.

Fylde Police say that their patrols will be continuing with spot checks this weekend to actively tackle anti-social behaviour in this area. Visits will also be conducted to local shops selling alcohol and information passed to Trading Standards.


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