Lockdown Lytham Picnic Sends Local into a Frenzied Meltdown

An out of town family in a Range Rover was caught on camera by a furious dog-walking local yesterday on Lytham Jetty.

The seething local contacted Lytham St Annes News immediately and stated, “This is a complete p*** take.  They were all crouching in the back having a picnic. This is totally unacceptable behaviour.  I have been following the rules word for word since the first lockdown.  I even talk to my friends and family from the bottom of their paths of their homes.  The government rules clearly state essential travel only and not to leave your own area.  Also this Range Rover was parked in a precarious position potentially impeding the RNLI from doing their works.”

She added “I was so upset about this I was literally shaking with anger”.

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