Lytham St. Anne’s News – The Poll Results Are In!

A poll of 1,812 Lytham St. Anne’s News readers has shown that 60% (1098) are in support of the Lytham Festival’s proposed admission increase from 20,000 to 25,000 each night, whilst 40% (714) were against.

The well-supported poll also gave readers the opportunity to share their opinions. A wide range of diverse views included these in favour:

  • 100%! A very well organised and safe event that attracts a nice crowd. A great attraction for the North West, putting Lytham on the map and great for the local (struggling) economy!
  • Absolutely yes!! The inconvenience some may experience during the 5 out of 365 days of the year (1.3%) is a very small price to pay for hosting a great festival…!!!
  • I’m glad they’ve moved it out a week so as not to deprive us of the green for Club Day & the procession. If they could please sort the parking (e.g. residents only parking round local streets and maybe a one way system for Westby Street) I think this would work OK. I love the festival so it’s a yes from me.
  • If people want bigger better acts, they probably need to increase to capacity! A lot of singers, bands won’t play to small crowds. I’m sure it will be fabulous, as it always has been.
  • Fantastic festival ! Great to see a wide range of artists on our doorstep – ( yes I live locally ) Really pleased to see they are increasing capacity as it has the space to do so . Brings revenue in for local businesses – supports local charities and puts Blackpool / Lytham on map. Well done to it’s organisers.

Whilst those against were equally forthright in the views as these examples illustrate:

  • It doesn’t bring business to all the businesses in the area. When the festival is on many if the shops are a less busy than usual because many people keep away while the festival is on unless they are attending it. The vast majority that go to the festival tend to just go to pubs/cafes/restaurants. I know because used to have a shop in Lytham and at festival time it was always quiet.
  • I’d like to know where the extra 5,000 will park/ travel, because its already dangerous especially when concerts finish… people walking in road and jumping out in front of cars etc.
  • I’m local and say no unless they push the permit parking back further into the next row of streets and I go to all events every year.


Meanwhile, some respondents raised further issues. Here is just one example:

Let’s hope before the Council and other agents agree they look at the following:-
● Traffic delays in and out of Lytham.
● Parking – more off site parking for visitors
● Toilets – more off them
● Bigger First Aid Points
● Better security around the whole event.
● More Police on foot to be seen
● Better event signage in and around Lytham
● More litter bins and litter patrols
● Better disabled access and viewing points
● Entrance scanners – to be used for drugs – drink and weapons…Sniffer dogs as well to be used
The list could go on…🤔
Overcrowding can cause disasters. The greed of the people running such an event and the Council are not bothered as long as they make money….’

To read more about the Lytham Festival Impact Assessment, and for a link to the report itself, please click here:

To read more about the Licence Application, including information on how to make a representation and the licensing objectives, please click here:


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