Lytham’s Jonas Armstrong Plays A Leading Role In ‘Boat Story’ – Which Has Received Very Contrasting Reviews

Lytham resident Jonas Armstrong is currently playing the role of Arthur in Boat Story, the BBC anarchic crime story about two ordinary strangers who make one fateful decision. Arthur is a police officer with a personal connection to the case of the stolen cocaine.

Jonas Armstrong is familiar face on television having found fame in the role of Robin Hood on the BBC’s 2006 family series of the same name. He then went on to feature in Line of Duty, The Bay, Hollington Drive and Strike.

Boat Story has received a wealth of varying reviews – some focusing upon the gratuitous violence which has upset and shocked certain viewers, whilst others write positively about the great performances from the cast, with every character ’gloriously flawed and fantastically painted’. Another reviewer pointed out, ‘It is violent so maybe don’t watch if you’re easily upset.’

Boat Story begins as two strangers are walking along the beach early one morning when they come across a shipwreck, with two bodies and an enormous stash of cocaine inside. They steal the drugs, hoping to make a fortune from selling them on, not realising this reckless deed would incur the wrath of a formidable crime boss and put the authorities on their trail.

Jonas will also be seen early next year in a much anticipated ITV six part mystery thriller detective series, After The Flood.

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