Mark Menzies Adds His Voice To Replacement Sails Debate

MP Mark Menzies has expressed his sadness at seeing Lytham’s iconic windmill standing without its traditional sails.

On his official Facebook page he has added his voice to the recent discussion and debate about the sails saying: ‘The windmill is a symbol of Lytham and of Fylde and I am sure everyone wants to see it restored to its former glory.

I have seen some interesting stories over the last week about replacement sails which have proven rather wide of the mark. I am glad to hear Fylde Council are on with the task of repairing the windmill, with local craft firms and engineers right at the heart of the restoration work.’

Mark also too time to be photographed next to the post box complete with its special Remembrance Day topper, which was recently featured by Lytham St.Anne’s News.



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