MP Benton Sees How Spire Hospital Operates On His Visit To The Private Hospital

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton paid a visit today (Friday 17th February) to the Spire Fylde Coast Hospital on St Walburgas Road. The Hospital has the strapline ‘Expert care when it’s right for you –  access expert care faster’.

MP Benton said, ‘Good to visit Spire Hospital in Layton this morning to discuss the care they provide in conjunction with our local NHS. We also spoke about how reusing medical equipment such as crutches can save the NHS millions of pounds a year.’ He posted three photographs of himself on-line to share with his followers.

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  1. Benton is an utter turd.
    Tories can’t wait to steal the NHS and sell it to their billionaire cronies.
    What the actual f. Is he visiting a private hospital for when our NHS heroes are having to use food banks because their wages are so poor.
    Benton is a disgrace and those who voted for him should hang their heads in shame.
    Benton is a lackey for the class of individuals who are responsible for the humiliating poverty of so many Blackpool citizens.

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