Perverted Passenger Kicked Off Train At Moss Side Station

A train passenger was arrested at Moss Side Station yesterday (Wednesday 6th March) after reportedly attacking the driver and conductor before standing on the track to stop it from moving. An eye-witness alleges that the perverted passenger was naked and that his genitalia was on full view to the confused commuters. British Transport Police say that the man has been charged with a public order offence as well as assault and railway trespass. Lytham St Anne’s News can today (Thursday 7th March) reassure any troubled travellers that the disrobed deviant is now back in jail.

British Transport Police Lancashire (see below) said they received an ’emergency call’ to attend Moss Side Station in Lytham St Anne’s following a ‘disturbance on a train’. They added that a passenger has reportedly ‘punched the train driver multiple times’ and then ‘assaulted the train conductor’.

The passenger then left the train and stood on the track to prevent it from moving. Officers arrested a 34-year old man on suspicion of assault, a public order offence and railway trespass.

He has since been charged with the offences and recalled to prison.


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