Prolific Blackpool Shoplifter Jailed After Stealing From Same Shop Twelve Times

A prolific Blackpool shoplifter has been jailed after stealing from same local store twelve times. This follows Lancashire Police being informed by staff at a Blackpool store that they were being continually targeted by a thief, the shoplifter sometimes visiting up to three times a day.

Working with the business, Police were able to arrest 43-year-old Kenneth McEwan (pictured) after he was seen shoplifting food items and running out of the store. The shoplifter had 12 outstanding offences against him, all from the same store. He was charged and remanded for all 12 offences and has now been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison.

Chief Inspector John Jennings-Wharton said: ‘This is a great result which I am confident will put this local store at ease. Shoplifting can not only impact business bottom lines but can also pose a threat to shop staff. We will continue to work with local business to stamp out shoplifting in our communities.’

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