Rat Poison Left DELIBERATELY for dogs in local park – URGENT WARNING

Fylde Coast resident Paul Ogden has issued an urgent warning to fellow dog walkers in the area.  His beloved pet dog Tallulah is currently in a critical state

Paul wrote on his social media

“Its been confirmed that she has eaten rat poison from our walk in Stanley park, the vet thinks that people are deliberately putting rat poison down to harm dogs and other animals. As the area we went to was near the park/fields. She is in such a bad way still and its still not looking good.. shes still passing blood from her bottom and so far shes been made to be sick, has a drip in and has had a vitamin K injection. She needs to pass urine within the next few hours otherwise this could mean she has kidney failure. Shes also due a scan in a hour. We are all absolutely heartbroken and wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone! PLEASE SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS, And keep your dog on the lead whilst in the park. As i dont think twice about normally letting her off as shes such a good girl. The amount of screaming this dog was doing is not worth letting her off again. Hoping my baby pulls through this .”

It is advised if you are walking your dog you exercise caution.

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