Revised Planning Application For New Ice Cream Kiosk With Seating For Granny’s Bay

A revised planning application has been made to Fylde Council to construct a new ice cream kiosk with seating (designs pictured) at Granny’s Bay, to replace the small yet popular kiosk.

The application states that the existing kiosk which is currently in operation (pictured below) is dated and in need of modernisation or replacement. It is also undersized for current requirements and for plans to increase the product offer to allow them to operate more consistently all year round and better cater for the increased visitor numbers that have resulted from the coastal defence works scheme.

The application states that, ‘The current ice cream kiosk business has been operating for over 44 years since 1978, however an operator has been based on the site since 1965.

The business is extremely well established and much loved by locals and visitors alike. Prior to the coastal defence scheme works and the Stanner Bank car park reconfiguration, a lot of the kiosk’s trade came from locals and visitors driving to the site, stopping for a short period of time, buying an ice cream or a hot drink and then continuing on with their journey. Many of these customers would purchase their refreshments and then sit in their cars on the car park to enjoy the view over Granny’s Bay because of a lack of available seating and shelter in the area. The coastal defence works and reconfiguration of the car park, including new entrance barrier system, would change this. Visitors would no longer be able to stop for short periods free of charge, instead having to pay upon entering the car park.

An opportunity was therefore seen to recreate the experience that customers had enjoyed of sitting in their cars with a refreshment to enjoy the view. An extended, larger kiosk with covered seating area would allow customers to stop for a refreshment and enjoy views overlooking Granny’s Bay without the need to sit in their cars for shelter. This would also encourage visitors to stay for longer, use the new car park, explore the surrounding areas and would make the redeveloped Stanner Bank a more all year-round destination as the coastal defence works scheme intended the reconfigured Stanner Bank Car Park.

The application adds: ‘The resulting building is one that is sympathetic to its environment, whilst also optimising views of the bay for customers. Through its form and cladding it remains architecturally interesting and is hoped to become a landmark building along the seafront.’

The application includes:

1) demolition of existing ice cream kiosk building,

2) erection of ice cream kiosk building for the production and sale of ice cream, and sale of food and drink, with covered seating area, hard landscaping and ground re-profiling works, and 2 parking spaces.

The full application may be seen here:

The existing ice cream kiosk is pictured below.

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