Seniors Slam Vicious & Libellous On-Line Rumour That They Use Frozen Chips

The Horabin family have slammed a vicious and libellous false rumour that has been circulated on social media that they use frozen chips in their highly regarded and popular nine outlets. They have issued this statement to reassure all their customers that this is a completely untrue – and is a blantant falsehood.

‘The Horabin family takes immense pride in the Seniors brand. Our heritage in the fishing industry and passion to provide our loyal local customers with the finest, freshly prepared fish & chips in every store daily is never wasted!

We want to assure everyone that the vicious, false & libellous rumour circulating on social media is far from the truth. Our chips are never frozen, never have and never will be. We understand how important it is to serve high-quality food to our loyal customers, and that’s why we invested £50,000 in a central unit located in Bispham, where we prepare all our fish & potatoes daily.

At our central unit, we have a skilled team who handpick the best potatoes and put them through a rigorous preparation process to ensure they meet our quality standards. Each morning from 6am, we wash, peel, and chip the potatoes to perfection, so you can enjoy the most delicious and authentic chips.

We provide only the best quality local chips to our customers which has resulted in the success of us opening up our 10th store next month in Ingol.

We know we are always going to get negativity on social media however the truth must always prevail!

It’s very sad that 1 anonymous person posting a blatant falsehood happens but it has resulted in over 85 positive comments all of which are from our amazing loyal customers sticking up for Seniors.

The family & Seniors brand hope to see you all this summer in your local Seniors soon.’

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