Sir Keir Starmer Enjoys A Notarianni’s Ice Cream In Blackpool This Morning

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer paid a visit to Notarianni’s Ice Cream Parlour on Waterloo Road in Blackpool this morning (Monday 1st May), taking time to taste a traditional bank-holiday treat and enjoy a chat with the staff and customers.

The Labour leader looked happy as he posed outside the popular local venue. The third and fourth generations of the Notarianni family run this long-established business on Waterloo Road.  The family say that this is thanks to a loyal following from locals and tourists who have returned generation after generation.

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  1. Sir Starmer showing an interest in Blackpool. Are there any local elections this week?
    He’ll be safely back home in his £1.75m home in North London, and forgotten all about Blackpool already.

  2. What are you doing in Blackpool nobody will be voting for labour after what you done on the prime minister with adverts you did I certainly won’t be voting labour no chance with you and that witch angel a you would make every one poorer than we are now.

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