Six Play Areas Refurbished In Time For The School Summer Holidays

Children across the Fylde Borough are now able to enjoy safer, more accessible play areas thanks the repair and refurbishment of playgrounds. The playgrounds at these six locations have benefitted from the improvements:

  • Waddington Road Park
  • Promenade Gardens
  • Mornington Park
  • South Park
  • Lansdowne Road Open Space
  • King George V Playing Fields

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chair of the Leisure & Tourism Committee, said: “Every child should have access to a place they can play safely. These enhancements will ensure that these play areas can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Following a tendering process, the contract for the refurbishments was awarded to Abacus Playgrounds Ltd , with a funding budget of £100,00 included within the Capital Programme for 2021/2022. In the lest financial year £50,000 was spent on play area improvements, and a further £1000,000 has been allocated in the 2022/2023 financial year.


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