St Bedes ENTIRE Year 7 Sent Home after POSITIVE Covid-19 Case

The coronavirus continues to run riot around the area as an entire Year 7  of St Bede’s in Lytham has been sent home today due to a positive Covid-9 case.

The below letter was sent to all parents of the year group:

Dear Parents of Year 7 Pupils

URGENT Covid-19 Update

Unfortunately, we have just heard about a confirmed positive test for COVID19 in Year 7. If your child in Y7 has not left for school then they should remain at home in the first instance. If your son or daughter is already on the way to school, then we will contact you about arrangements for them to return home.

Once we have determined, in consultation with the Department for Education Covid helpline, who should self-isolate, we will notify parents directly. Siblings of children in Year 7 who are not displaying symptoms should attend school as normal.

Apologies for the huge inconvenience that this will cause. Further updates will be posted via Firefly, the school website and social media.

Kind regards P Grice Headteacher

This is now the second positive case at St Bede’s.  Cases are continuing to rise in the area, this comes after incidents such as Zest, Capris and the Deacon having been shut due to the virus spreading.




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