Support Truly Welcomed At Candlelit Vigil For Bella Greer On Lytham Green Tonight

The family of Bella Greer have urged as many people to come as possible to a candlelit vigil on Lytham Green later today.  The vigil will take place at 6 p.m. on Sunday 8th October and Lytham Windmill will also be lit up pink in her memory.

Fourteen-year-old Bella Greer, a student at Saint Bede’s Catholic High School, was found unresponsive at her home in Cypress Point, Ansdell, on Thursday evening (5th October). Her mother Sarah performed CPR but was sadly unable to resuscitate her despite her best effort

Bella’s grandmother Dianne said that Bella suffered from mental health problems and had been bullied since primary school. But despite this Bella would still make sure to help the people around her feel better.

Paying tribute her beloved granddaughter, Dianne said: ‘Her personality was absolutely fantastic. She was so bubbly and kind. She loved the world and loved life and just lit up everyone’s day. She was beautiful inside and out. She always laughed, she was always pleasant and she loved her sister Ava and her mum. She was so funny. She would dance every morning and if her mum was ever feeling down she would always cheer her up. Others have forced her down this path. We need to raise awareness of mental health problems and bullying as it’s swept under the carpet.’

Dianne added, ‘I can’t thank everybody enough for all the kind words, the flowers, everything. We want as many people to come as possible to light Lytham Green up. Please come to show your support.’

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