Temporary Traffic Lights To Cause Delays On Major Route Between St. Anne’s & Blackpool

Motorists travelling along Common Edge Road between St. Anne’s and Blackpool are being warned of possible delays as we head towards Christmas.  Temporary traffic lights will be in place from Monday 5th December until Friday 23rd December while major road works are carried out to improve access to the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone. Earlier this year, roadworks in this area led to long queues. Here is the proposed timetable for the works:

  • Phase One is due to start on Monday 5th December at the junction of Common Edge Road and School Road with four-way temporary traffic lights replacing the current traffic lights at the junction.
  • Phase Two is due to start on Monday 12th December at the junction of Common Edge Road and Division Lane East. Three-way temporary traffic lights will be in place during working hours only, allowing safe access to and from Division Lane East.
  • Phase Three is due to start on Thursday 15th December on Common Edge Road between School Road and Division Lane. Two-way temporary traffic lights will be in place during working hours only.

Restrictions will be lifted at peak times in a bid to minimise congestion after previous roadworks led to long traffic queues. A Blackpool Council spokesperson said, ‘We are aware this is a major route from St Anne’s and Lytham into Blackpool and have planned works to keep disruption to a minimum for local residents as much as possible.;

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  1. All the Highways and Planning staff responsible for this should be made to travel this route in morning and teatime rush hour…….just like all the other poor souls that they have inflicted this misery on.

    Wait until the M55 Link is completed………………….IDIOTS

  2. It’s obvious this work could have waited until the new link road was finished – which for some unknown reason is taking an eternity. The roadworks are mainly for entry to the EZ , no thought has been given to local residents for this unnecessary disruption now, these delays are ongoing 24 hours, no easing after 3pm as promised, because of the 4 way temporary traffic lights, and no work being done on the actual roads. Blackpool Council and the EZ should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen , and this is only the start, further work will commence in the new year – and that will be worse. Why could this not have waited until that new link road was finished, it would have made better and more economical sense. Remember who to vote for next time!

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