The Moment You Have Bin Waiting For – Fylde Council’s Indoor Recycling Bag!

Fylde Council will be trialling a new indoor recycling bag throughout St Anne’s with a view to a full phase rollout in October.

Each household in St. Anne’s will receive:

  • 1 x indoor hessian recycling bag
  • 1 x battery recycling bag
  • 1 x info leaflet

Not everyone is impressed with the new bags.

Joe Jones said, ‘A bag to transport recycling from my home to my bin? Really?! Is someone having a laugh here?’

Claire Louise responded,  ‘Rather than an extra bag which doesn’t appear to be for anything other than the same items which can currently go in the blue bin maybe you could focus on increasing the range of items that can be recycled. It would be great to recycle Tetrapacks – I use to save them and drop them off at a collection point but the local one was removed so have nowhere to take them now.’

Anuska Cottle commented, ‘I’m sorry, but the money spent on these bags (when there are already bins for this), could have been spent on employment… for litter pickers, rather than locals having to rally volunteers to do it. I’m really confused ‘

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  1. Strange looking hesian? If indeed it is hesian then why bother dying it? Looks more like a “plastic weave”
    Just saying

  2. In the report Claire said somthing about blue bins and batteries.I did not know that you could put batteries in the Blue bin. Have I missed somthing. Someone enlighten me please.

  3. Now a wheelie bin for paper and cardboard, that would be useful! Instead of me lugging a fortnights worth of papers, junk mail and cardboard to the end of the drive, for some poor person to then physically lift it to dispose of it into the refuse lorry. But a bin, in the house, for me to fill, to then drag outside to empty into the correct bin….why?

  4. I don’t have space in my house for a bag that size. Currently I use a plastic bag and when it’s full I take it to the bins and sort the re-cycling and re-use the bag. The bag for batteries would be helpful. Where does one re-cycle printer cartridges?

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