Vandals Use Bolt Cutters To Destroy Children’s Play Area Swing

Vandals have used bolt cutters to cut the chains on one swing at the recently opened Blackpool Road North Playing Field Children Play Area. Fylde Borough Council Parks staff have attended the Play Area to make things safe and new chains for the vandalised swing have been ordered.  These special chains are expected to arrive in about a week and the swing will be replaced as soon as they arrive.

Local councillors say they have put in a request for one of Fylde Borough Council’s mobile CCTV units to be put in place to deter any further vandalism.

Diana Martyn-clark said, ‘ Words fail me… parents please talk to your older children. Getting this park took years of hard work. We want the community to enjoy it. Why would anyone get pleasure from doing this? It’s deflating for the people working hard to improve the area for everyone.’

If anyone has information regarding this vandalism, inform Fylde Police, who put tackling anti-social behaviour at the top of their bulleted priority list for their neighbourhood policing team.


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