Whiteside Taxi Sprayed With Paint Stripper in Blackpool In Suspected Targeted Attack

Whiteside Taxis have said that one of their private hire vehicles – a nearly new silver 2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – was vandalised in the Genting Casino’s Car Park on Queen’s Promenade on Monday 22nd January. Every panel of the car was sprayed with paint stripper, causing over £2,000 worth of damage. The incident occurred sometime between 8.30pm and 12.30am while the driver was enjoying an evening out with his wife.

Whiteside Taxis have shared this account of the vandalism: ‘One of our private hire vehicles was vandalised with Nitromors (paint stripper) at the Genting Casino, Blackpool. The incident happened between 8:30pm and 12:30am on Monday 22nd January whilst the driver was enjoying an evening out with his wife.

This or these criminal(s) attacked every panel on the bodywork of our vehicle (a nearly new 2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid), causing approximately £2000.00 worth of damage (as a full respray will be needed to put this right).

As this car was the only taxi parked in a full car park, with Whiteside Taxis decals (stickers) on, and no other vehicle was damaged, we can only logically conclude that this was a targeted attack on our company from a member or members of the trade.

As Whiteside Taxis have been threatened by this type of despicable behaviour in the past, and we are currently having a ‘difference of opinion’ with sections of the taxi trade over our lower tariffs and their higher fare increases which we will not implement, this only compounds our belief that this was a malicious attack aimed solely at us.

The crime has been reported by the driver to the police (Police Log Number: LC-20240123-0080) and Crime Number: 04/21407/24). ‘

Whiteside Taxis add, ‘The Genting Casinos UK claim that this vandalism was not picked up by their CCTV (which we find strange as the vehicle was parked in a parking bay in front of an emergency exit ~ and it’s an establishment full of money?🤔 They must have camera surveillance everywhere as a matter of course), we urge Lancashire Police Blackpool Police and PC 3039 Kelly to do a bit of investigating and go there to check the CCTV footage themselves please.’

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