Home Miscellaneous A mother’s emotional plea for her missing daughter, Melanie Harvey.

A mother’s emotional plea for her missing daughter, Melanie Harvey.

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From the mother of the missing 19 year old, this is written by Katie Harvey 👇

My daughter melanie has been missing for 5 days ! She has been in a domestic violent relationship for the past few months that we have all begged, pleaded and cried over her to leave. She went to his property in Blackpool on the 30th for his birthday. She spent what money she had on his birthday and at some point he kicked her out , and said she told him she was going back to Preston, and I say some point because he’s changed his story 4 times now ! The police have given me barely any updates whatsoever! And have yet to post it on their police social media god knows why tho ?! She has no phone as he’s put it in pawn ! I’m going out of my mind !!!!!! she’s not with anybody she knows has no money and no phone ! . melanie knows that I’d pay for a taxi for her to come back to Preston and if she was with someone she would of contacted me or Jessica on their phone, she has only one other friend in Blackpool and she isn’t with her either. And for anyone who’ll say she 19 and has her own home can do what she wants etc etc yeah that’s right she has her own home which I provided for her and it’s next door to me ! She has no reason to not come home ! Imagine if this was your daughter 💔 I can’t begin to explain the hell im in right now and I’m begging you to share this I need to know no serious harm has come to my daughter !!!!!

Please contact Katie Harvey (her mum) if you have any information.

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Melanie August 11, 2022 - 6:02 pm

Please if you don’t mind taking this down as it is invading my mother’s account and mine I am now safe I had a lot happen to me when I was gone so please I ask nicely to take my mothers account down of this website or any
Thank you for helping my mother I do appreciate a lot

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