‘DogSpot’ a safe place to put your dog when shopping, will UK retailers catch on?

A new invention has swept over the US, with many US retailers catching on. The DogSpot is a little dog pen situated outside retailers, where you can pay with your credit card and leave your dog inside.

The DogSpots are temperature controlled, with 100% fresh air, safe and secure, with auto sanitizing and even better…. have a camera that you can link to your phone so you can watch your dog whilst shopping!

This stops shoppers leaving their dogs in a locked car where they can over-heat which can be fatal within 6 minutes. This also eliminates the worried pet owners who don’t feel safe leaving their dog chained to the wall outside a supermarket.

Would you use this to leave your dog whilst you went shopping? Should UK retailers catch on and start providing the DogSpot?

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