Will the Fylde coast be riddled with day trippers detritus from 29th March?

Will today’s announcement declare open season for day trippers coming to our coast, and leaving their litter?

Litter left from day trippers and locals alike, was huge problem Lytham St Anne’s, Blackpool and many other coastal hotspots last year when lockdown was first imposed. Public toilets were shut, bins overflowed, and human waste was found down back alleys and upon beaches.

Can our locals councils cope with the possible influx of domestic daytrippers as foreign holidays are forbidden for many months yet?

Already, our local bins are overflowing with take out coffee cups, fast food debris, and dog poo bins are often reported as overflowing. This is currently, in February.

If cafes and restaurants stay closed, or only serve take away food and drink, is our council better prepared to deal with the waste packaging that our towns will undoubtedly yield ?

Are there enough bins, emptying of said bins and public toilets to cope with the visitors enjoying stay cations, rather than foreign holidays?

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