Application For A Lytham Festival Concert Audience Increase of 10,000 – From 19,999 to 29,999

Currently, the maximum audience size permitted for each Lytham Festival concert is 19,999. However, for this year’s Festival, Cuffe & Taylor have applied to Fylde Council for a change to its licence for the Festival.

The single concert audience capacity is determined by Fylde Council. Cuffe & Taylor’s application for this year’s event asks that a new maximum capacity be set 10,000 higher –  at 29,999. Cuffe &Taylor argue that to have even one extra customer over the current limit at the event held on Lytham Green, a larger licence is required.

Lytham Festival co-founder Peter Taylor explained: ‘The application to increase our licence presents a very exciting prospect. We are not all of a sudden going to have 10,000 extra people on Lytham Green, however it means we have the ability to if a specific artist we are working with in the future is likely to attract crowds of that size. That in turn means Lytham Festival is opened up to even larger global artists.’

Peter continues, ‘We are continually looking at ways to make our festival as attractive and enjoyable as possible to customers and artists alike. The major change for 2023 is that the site will look very different to previous years as we have removed our large VIP Lounge enabling customers to move around what will feel like a much larger area when it is in fact exactly the same size.’

Objections to the plan may be lodged with Fylde Council prior to 28th March. Follow the link below:


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  1. Hotel rooms?
    Plenty will have to stay in Blackpool. Will be good for the local economy, but expect the whingers to be out in force.

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