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Blackpool Murderer Jailed For At Least 19 Years & 3 Months

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William Wilkinson, 65, of Seafield Road, Blackpool has been jailed today (Friday 19th January 2024) for murdering and dismembering his neighbour, Edward Forrester. The remains of Edward Forrester, 55, were found following a Police appeal and a search across two counties.  Wilkinson was arrested in his parked van on the car park of the Kirkstone Pass Inn on 5th September 2023. Today, Wilkinson has been jailed for a minimum of 19 years and 3 months before he is eligible to apply for parole, having earlier pleaded guilty to murder and perverting the course of justice.

Mr Forrester (pictured below) was reported missing a day after he was last seen in Blackpool on 1st September. His remains were later found in Blackpool and in Kendal, Cumbria. CCTV showed Wilkinson walking around Blackpool disposing of carrier bags which are thought to have contained remains and personal belongings. Preston Crown Court heard that Mr Forrester’s heart is still missing, as well as a number of vital organs and a number of other body parts. The police are now of the view that the body parts which remain missing are unlikely to be found.

When Lancashire Police went to Mr Forrester’s flat after he had been reported missing, the officers saw blood on the door of Wilkinson’s flat.  Inside the flat they found traces of blood at the door, evidence of a clean up and a broken wooden stick with a heavy metal bung at one end in a bin liner. Police  said that Wilkinson used this stick – thought to be the murder weapon – to strike Mr Forrester to the head multiple times. Police said that the reason for the attack remains a mystery.

Following sentencing, Det Supt Mark Haworth-Oates said: ‘William Wilkinson was a man of previous good character and only he knows what happened on that Friday afternoon that led him to commit this most appalling crime. I welcome the sentence imposed upon him today and hope that the family and friends of Eddie can have some comfort knowing that the person responsible for the offence will likely never be released.’

When questioned by the Police, the murderer Wilkinson repeatedly answered ‘no comment’.

Further details were reported in Lytham St. Anne’s News on 12 September 2023: https://lythamstannes.news/news/blackpool-man-in-court-accused-of-murder-of-eddie-forrester/

Edward Forrester is pictured below.

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