Changes In Store To Blackpool Transport Bus Services To Lytham St. Anne’s

Starting on 7th January 2024, Blackpool Transport are reimagining their services to make passengers journeys smoother, more reliable, and easier to navigate with better connections.

Here are the changes which affect Lytham St. Anne’s:

Service 11: Blackpool Transport say that this familiar route will get better! While Service 11 maintains its regular route, the timetable has been tweaked for more efficiency, running every 30 minutes. This not only optimises the servive’s resources but also ensures that passengers enjoy higher frequency within the 11 group and better interworking with other services such as the 5 group, in busy areas. It’s all about making your journey smoother and more predictable.

Service 11A: The New Link from Town Centre to Lytham: Don’t worry, hopping on Service 7 and seamlessly continuing to Lytham without any extra charge will continue! That’s what Service 11A offers. Once Service 7 reaches the town centre, it transforms into Service 11A, taking passengers through the usual 7 route up to Starr Gate, and then extending onto Lytham, just like Service 11 every 30 minutes. This means more travel options and the regular convenience of staying on one bus for your entire journey.

The 11 and 11A give you a combined 15-minute frequency from Blackpool to Lytham, which is better than the current frequency on service 11.

Service 11B: A Familiar Route with a New Name: Blackpool Transport are continuing to simplify travel choices with the service 11B. The service previously known as Service 17 is now part of the 11 family, rebranded as 11B. This service will follow the same route passengers are accustomed to, with a slight adjustment in the timetable for better efficiency, now departing every 40 minutes. It’s the same service, just with a new name, making it easier to identify and plan trips to Lytham.

Blackpool Transport say that grouping the 11 services in this way gives you frequent, reliable bus services to Lytham, with a combined frequency between Blackpool to Lytham, of at least every 12 minutes.

Fore more details of changes to other routes go to:

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