Fylde Police Recover Crashed Car Which Startled Dog Walkers

Fylde Police have recovered this car, which mounted the pavement and crashed into a  hedge, startling two dog walkers.  Police were unable to locate the driver.

Fylde Police asked, ‘Have you lost your car? It was blocking the pavement after you startled two dog walkers when you crashed it into the hedge… so PC Roberts recovered it for you. You and your passenger didn’t stick around to speak to us, so you’ll be getting a letter in the post.’

One person asked, ‘So crashing a car and leaving the scene (probably because they are drunk), now only warrants “a letter in the post”?’

Fylde Police replied, ‘Sadly, we were unable to locate the driver and request roadside sample of breath, so we won’t know if alcohol played a part, or the driver just ran out of skill! The registered keeper of the vehicle will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution in the post, and a request for driver details. If they respond, the driver will be prosecuted. If they do not respond, the registered keeper will be prosecuted for failing to provide details. Both options involve endorsing the offender’s driving licence with points, which, if the driver has a licence less than two years, may result in a ban. Hope this clears things up.’

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