Five Local Beaches, Including St.Anne’s, In Time Out’s Top Ten Of ‘UKs Dirtiest Beaches’

The popular ‘Time Out’ magazine has published a report in its latest edition which is headlined: Revealed: this is the dirtiest beach in the UK. The article, dated 24th August, by Charmaine Wong cites a detailed study which has analysed 400 beaches in the UK and ranked them according to the cleanliness of their water

The data referenced by Time Out cites details from ‘Clear It Waste’ who rigorously analysed statistics from 400 beaches across the UK and gave each one an overall water cleanliness score, based on factors like suspension due to sewage and the average amount of two types of bacteria – E.faecalis and E.coli.

According to the study, the dirtiest beach in the UK is Wharfe at Cromwheel in Ilkney, which had the highest count of E.coli and an overall low water cleanliness score. (This is not a true coastal beach, but when the River Wharfe level is low, a popular gently sloping shingle beach is exposed.)

Second place went to Blackpool North, one of the three Blackpool beaches on the list that earlier this year advised visitors from swimming due to heavy contamination in June.

Here is the full list of the dirtiest beaches in the UK, according to Time Out’s report:

  1. Wharfe at Cromwheel, Ilkney
  2. Blackpool North, Blackpool
  3. Weston Main, North Somerset
  4. Blackpool Central, Blackpool
  5. Blackpool South, Blackpool
  6. Dunster Beach, Somerset West and Taunton
  7. St Anne’s North, Fylde
  8. St Anne’s, Fylde
  9. Weston-super-Mare Sand Bay, North Somerset
  10. Heacham, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

The Time Out Travel article ends by saying, ‘Don’t fancy catching a nasty tummy bug next time you’re at the beach? Then it might be best to avoid these ones.’


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