Fleetwood Range Rover RANSACKED in the Dead of Night

A local just down the coast in Fleetwood area has appealed on Facebook to try and catch the three men who ransacked her Range Rover at 1.20am yesterday morning (Tuesday 24th November).

The 3 men were wearing all black clothing, hoods and face masks, expecting that residents would have CCTV facing their driveways. The criminals spent time attempting to open each car down the road, on and off driveways, hoping to find an unlocked vehicle.

As one of the trio discovered the unlocked Range Rover, they all sped to enter the vehicle and steal anything of value within. They then left the boot wide open and disappeared down the street. The whole time they were careful not to show their face to the CCTV camera on the victim’s drive.

Amanda Kenyon, owner of the Range Rover, has asked the public to share the video in the hope that someone might know anything about the three thieves, and to come forward with any information, promising to keep the informant anonymous.

If you know anything please contact Amanda Kenyon on her Facebook page.

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