Fox Brothers Causing Misery For Peel Road Residents & Businesses

Business and residential occupiers of Peel Road are at the end of their tether, as damage, disruption and danger have ensued following Fox Brothers move onto Anna’s Road site.

The follows reports that the wagons and lorries have caused the drains to collapse and created large craters in the road, which have damaged vehicles. Allegedly, a number of accidents have been only narrowly averted as the large vehicles take up most of the road.

A nearby business owner said, ‘Every day there’s a queue of lorries waiting to turn into Anna’s Road, which holds up the traffic that can’t get past. Sometimes it’s very large wagons and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious accident as the road is too narrow for vehicles of this size.’

Complaints about the state of the road, and the noise from the endless procession of trucks is driving the locals crazy, with one angry resident stating, ‘Everywhere Fox go, they’re a nuisance. They got thrown off Squires Gate apparently and now they’re here, we are lumbered with the nuisance.’

A local meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th January at 19.30 (see letter below sharing more details) for locals to raise their concerns and speak to Fox Brothers site Management directly to try and find an agreeable way forward.


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  1. These wagons are a constant menace. They sometimes rumble past my house at up to 3 per minute. They block the road when there is one on each side of the road. The road was NOT constructed for such heavy and wide vehicles and is giving way in many places, with some verges collapsing. The noise drives us mad and our wardrobe doors rattle as they pass. At least one wagon ran into the back of the car in front whilst trying to run the lights at Peel Corner. Their drivers honk their horns at each other and often run over the kerb at Peel Corner.
    Plus, we were not properly consulted on the change of use!
    BTW, “Bob” know nothing.

  2. Plenty of room for 2 wagons passing roads been used for years for wagons moaning residents again we ain’t all retired and got sweet fa to do were earning a living feeding our familys and all people do is moan get a grip

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