Fylde Police Smell Cannabis When Alerted By Hazard Lights Flashing On Parked Car

Yesterday evening (Monday 15th April) Fylde Rural Task Force were out patrolling the rural areas of Fylde when they came across a vehicle in a lay-by on Westby Road. The driver had kindly put his hazard lights on to alert officers of his presence.

Upon speaking with the driver, officers noticed a strong smell coming from within the vehicle (featured photograph).

The vehicle and the driver were detained and searched under S23 Misuse of Drugs Act. A large bag of cannabis was found concealed under the driver seat of the vehicle (photograph below).

The driver denied smoking cannabis.  However, he was drug wiped at the road side and tested positive for cannabis.

The driver, a male aged 49 from Warton, was arrested on suspicion of driving whilst under the influence of drugs and possession of class B.

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