Fylde Police’s dedicated task force release astonishing statistics for this year

Fylde Police have released their alarming statistics of arrests and achievements over the last year since they announced that they will set up a dedicated task force team to tackle issues that have been raised throughout the borough.
Over the last year, despite us being stuck inside for a lot of it, the new dedicated task force have:
Arrested: 34 suspects
Seized: £5,500 worth of class A drugs
Seized: £1.1m worth of class B drugs
Seized: £16,000 in cash
Seized: £25,000 of vehicles
Recovered: £20,000 worth of stolen equipment
These figures are from the dedicated task force who are made up of just 4 officers, whilst other teams continue to perform arrests etc, it is astounding how much of a difference this small team have made over the last year!

Well done!

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