St. Anne’s shops show Remembrance Day respect.

Top class chippy on St Andrews Road South

Hot on the tail of the successful Pumpkin Trail, organised by the #makingmemoriesinstannes team, some of the shopkeepers involved have adorned their windows with poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Bonney Fabrics and Wool, also on
St Andrews Road South

With most organised gatherings now not permitted, it will be a strange Sunday for those used to paying their respects by participating in a parade, gathering at a local cenotaph, or attending a dedicated church service. Many people are putting poppies in their windows at home or shop windows, much like the NHS rainbows and Teddy bears earlier this year.

Rustic Living St Anne’s on the Crescent

So if you’re out with the kids, or supporting local businesses, see how many you can spot, it’s a bit of fun but with the message that we haven’t forgotten the sacrifices made by the brave service men and women of many years previous.

If you are a shop with a Remembrance Day display, send it in to #makingmemoriesinstannes Facebook page, we will do a list later so people can admire your efforts ❤️

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